Staycation Ideas

Sometimes you just want to go on vacation, but you just don’t want to go on vacation, you know? If you find yourself wanting to get out of the house, but you don’t want to have to drive an eternity to get there, we have some staycation ideas that... Read More.

Tips on Tipping

Listen to Jodi explain this at 43 minutes into the show podcast below: According to Business Insider How much to tip varies by service but is generally 18% of your bill.   “You can also consider creating an entirely separate category... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Asa’s Wedding

SO many fun surprises at the wedding Murphy, Jodi  & their girls went to this weekend!   Sparklers,  a hot dance floor – but NO grooms cake.  Here’s why.   Want to hear more? Sam explains why he’s happy his kids have... Read More.

Healthy Bedtime Snacks

We all know how difficult it is to resist reaching into the fridge on the way to the bed. Hopefully, you can fill your fridge with some of these light snacks that will be better for you and your sleep. According to Cooking Light Popcorn One of the main benefits of... Read More.