AFTER THE SHOW: Skipping Christmas?

When the kids get so busy with their social lives – do you let them skip Christmas traditions?? Murphy & Jodi are in that spot.Want to hear more? Our favorite guest every year: Santa! The jolliest man himself will be joining us! Could you live without a smartphone for a whole... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Murphy’s New Pump

A big change is coming for Murphy before the end of 2018 — here’s why he’s nervous AND giddy about it.Want to hear more? Chad’s on the lookout for his Secret Santa Jodi’s making ham in her Instant Pot A candle is making the house smell weird! Or is it good?   When you... Read More.
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AFTER THE SHOW: Why so secretive, Santa?

Who doesn’t understand Secret Santa?!  Want to hear more? Bonus gift a day idea for any kid on your listKeep those favorite Christmas movies coming! Let us know what we’re leaving out or what you think we just don’t hear enough about.Sam’s son Parker only wants one thing for Christmas this... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Tired of Decorating!

Who needs a little LESS Christmas – right this very minute?? Murphy, Sam or Jodi?Want to hear more? A really cool Christmas party ideas for the kids A Man’s Gift a Day Idea aka the best thing you should buy the hard to buy for man in your life. Sam thinks he... Read More.
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Jodi’s Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Jodi’s Chicken Noodle Soup (IP and Stove Top versions) Ingredients3 boneless skinless chicken breasts  (feel free to do boneless skinless thighs too) 3 ribs of celery, sliced 3 large carrots, sliced 1-2 tablespoons butter (i may use more next time for more flavor) 1 1/2... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: The Jump Start

Murphy’s new toy may keep you from getting stranded over the holidays.Want to hear more? Listen to the full show podcast below!  When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store, you get exclusive stuff you won’t hear on the show! (It’s FREE to subscribe) And while you’re at... Read More.
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AFTER THE SHOW: Sam’s Compulsive Shopping

Sam has a problem that’s causing him to spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!Sam has hidden his Pickle somewhere and the kids are trying to find. Murphy tells Jodi over the phone “The Unit must not be calibrated”. The Producer’s Mailbag on your experiences with Porch PiratesWhen you follow the podcast on... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Queen Disappointed Sam

What did Sam REALLY think of Bohemian Rhapsody? Is he the only 1 in the world?  Gift a Day continues with a great gift idea for a teenage girl (or any of your girlfriends really) Murphy won’t let Jodi burn her Christmas candle in the house. Murphy and Jodi’s kids aren’t too... Read More.