“It’s sad because he seems to be unravelling right before this wedding, and he’s sick.  Sad for him and Meghan Markle.”  -Jodi

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According to USA Today

Meghan Markle’s half-sister says the press’ constant hounding of their father has endangered his health less than a week before the royal wedding.

Thomas Markle, who recently suffered a heart attack from the “unbelievable” stress brought on by media attention, called her “panicking on the freeway because he was in a dangerous situation being followed by seven or eight cars.”

In a likely allusion to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash, she added, “There have been examples in history of how dangerous that can be.”




‘He was living a very quiet and peaceful life… he was avoiding the media’ Samantha Markle speaks about her father ahead of #RoyalWedding pic.twitter.com/By9i8Nhcpc

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) May 15, 2018



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