AFTER THE SHOW: New Coke, Old trick?

Why Jodi is ALL IN for New Coke to come back!  #strangerthings #newcoke   Want to hear more? You tell us what the best summer jobs are for teenagers. One of Sam’s twins is causing problems with the other twin’s graduation. Murphy’s doorbell camera caught something suspicious today. When you… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Ticket, Please

The student “trip packet” Murphy just can’t believe.    Want to hear more? The trick to re-heating cold pizza to make it as good as new! Sam and Jodi have to check their Game of Thrones death pool to see who’s going to walk away with all the cash. Sam… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Now Our Watch Has Ended **Spoiler Alert**

Game of Thrones has ended. Murphy: Finally! Sam: What was that? Jodi: Fine with it! Want to hear more? What to do on the first date to make sure you get a second date We’ll help you get a handle on all the finale drama (Game of Thrones, American Idol,… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Social Sibling Rivalry

Was Sam right to put his foot down with his kids about their social media accounts?     Want to hear more? We’ll wrap up teacher shout-out week Sam’s Mom has finally decided that she’s going to use the Mother’s Day gift that he gave her, but she’s having a… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Not So Smart Home

Are Murphy & Sam going too far with their smart home obsession? Want to hear more? What’s the one thing that Alexa refuses to do for you? More of your teacher shout-outs along with the top 5 teacher gift cards if you really want to gift them on the way… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Starving Artist

Murphy & Jodi’s daughter “Pheebes” is hoping that this art – will save her summer. ‍     Want to hear more? What to do with the memories of Piggy Gaga? Amazon has a tiny house that sold out nearly instantly. What’s the big deal? Sam and Producer Bailey hate small… Read More.


What did Murphy spit out at the table last night? Was Jodi okay with it? Want to hear more? Jodi is going to reveal something that Murphy is better at than anyone -and it’s something he would never admit to. Sam’s mom says she is NOT going to use the Mother’s… Read More.

Murphy’s Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The Murphy Method: Only “cut” the eggs with water  – not milk or cream.   Add only a little water before whisking. Whisk the eggs for a few minutes – adding air, which helps to make them fluffy. Stir and move the eggs the entire time while scrambling.  Keep them (gently)… Read More.