Sam’s Monkey Bread

3 cans of biscuits 1 cup sugar 2 Tbs cinnamon 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 stick margarine Topping 2 cups powdered sugar 3 Tbs milk 1 tsp vanilla or almond extract Mix together sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon. Separate and quarter all the biscuits. Roll each biscuit piece in the… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Love Lessons with Murphy

Why does Murphy suddenly want to read romance novels?? Want to hear more? Sam finally did something that Murphy and Jodi have been begging him to do for years For their staycation, Jodi and Murphy have a binge plan in place! Music News is going to be entirely dedicated to… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Fight or Flight

Why doesn’t Jodi like sitting between Murphy & Sam when they travel?  Want to hear more? Millenials are disliked just about the same as other generations. Lessons learned from our friend Holly Clegg. Affordable – not cheap – dates you can go on in the summer. When you follow the… Read More.


What show is Murphy watching with the sound OFF?  AFTER THE SHOW: Fix Him Up

AFTER THE SHOW: How to Staycation

“Sam – help us with our summer vacation!” -Jodi Want to hear more? You may be surprised that millennial don’t do this anymore and you need to know it before they come to your house. Why Tom Hanks said he wouldn’t be doing another Toy Story movie but ended up… Read More.


Why did Jodi give Murphy (a Type 1 Diabetic) a stack of CANDY for Father’s Day??? Want to hear more? Sam got some scent sachets and we’re trying to figure out what his house smells like now. More road trip games to play in the car with the family If… Read More.


Here’s how Sam finally got his daughter to hold baby Hollis.  Go to our recipes to check out Sam’s newest snack creation! Is listening to a required summer read as an audio book cheating? What are your thoughts? We’ve got ideas you’ve shared with us for fun games to play… Read More.