AFTER THE SHOW: Patient Passenger Pops

What Sam can’t do in the car anymore b/c his son is now the driver.     Want to hear more? Help Jodi figure out why Murphy is lying about her to his friends. Why Sam is making money bread. Jodi is getting close to perfecting the cuban sandwich at… Read More.

Casas for CASA

CASA Executive Director Liz Betz visits with Murphy, Sam and Jodi about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for abused children) and how to volunteer to help kids.  Plus Liz lets us know about Casas for CASA…your chance to win a playhouse for your kids and support CASA at the same… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: 20 yr. itch

Why are Murphy & Jodi are struggling this year?  Want to hear more? We’re going to try to figure out why Sam is so impossible to please Making the world’s most perfect sandwich. We’re going to tell you all about the Patrick Swayze documentary in Jodi’s Hollywood Outsider. When you… Read More.


Jodi wrote this in the Sinatra book to Murphy.   So what’s wrong with it??  Want to hear more? The apps that collect the most personal data The birthday present that Murphy got that trumps the Sinatra book that Jodi got him and his dad jokes book from Sam. We’re still… Read More.

Dreamcake Icing

Dream Cake Icing 8oz Cream Cheese 2 cups powdered sugar 1 pint heavy whipping Cream 1 tsp vanilla flavoring   Beat Softened Cream Cheese till smooth Add whipping cream Vanilla   Mix at Low speed for 5 minutes. then mix at high/med speed for 3 minutes Spread on cake Dreamcake… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Info Overload

Who (in our little family) refuses to have a smart speaker at home – and why?!?      Want to hear more? If you don’t have a pool, but you want to take a dip: why not rent your neighbor’s pool? That’s apparently a thing! Why do Murphy and Jodi’s… Read More.


Was Murphy’s Birthday gift from Sam a dud??  Want to hear more? It’s a party as we celebrate Murphy and Producer Bailey’s birthday! What Sam’s son, Jackson’s mom is letting him do behind the wheel that Sam refuses to do. Who’s going to re-record Danger Zone with Kenny Loggins for… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Born to be Mild

Who loves the sound of a Harley? And what does Sam not understand about bikers?  #harleydavidson Want to hear more? We want to hear about your bucket list trips! Are they even planned yet? Jodi wants to prepare Murphy for the fact that his mother in law is coming over… Read More.