AFTER THE SHOW: Kids’ Sports

Do you let your child quit a sport if they’ve fallen out of love with it? Here’s how Murphy & Jodi handle it. Want to hear more? At 11:50 in the show podcast below, Sam has some unbelievable news he learned from some... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Giving Kids Respect

“Our kids would go anywhere with her, and do anything for her. Wish I could be that person”  -Jodi Want to hear more?   Murphy ended up getting some free driving lessons for his oldest, Taylor. Here’s how at 5:30 in the show podcast below:

Taylor’s Private Concert for Foster Kids

“For some of these kids, it was their first concert.  She also spent 3 extra hours with them backstage.  She gets it, how to treat fans.”  -Jodi According to People The “Delicate” singer, 28, met her “littlest fans” — foster children from Arizona — on Saturday when she invited more... Read More.