WHY is Jodi trying to convince Sam to take another job?!? Want to hear more? We’ll break down a summer tipping guide (because, yes, you should still tip while travelling). We had the honor of visiting with friend and legendary cookbook author Holly Clegg who’s going to tell us about her fund... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Sugar Daddy Sam

Why Sam FINALLY feels like he has made an impact on his children. It involves sugar! Want to hear more? Looks like Jodi’s got a new hobby and she’s hoping it’s not going to be too expensive like most hobbies. Something Sam did on his son’s birthday that ended up being a gift... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Queen Disappointed Sam

What did Sam REALLY think of Bohemian Rhapsody? Is he the only 1 in the world?   Gift a Day continues with a great gift idea for a teenage girl (or any of your girlfriends really) Murphy won’t let Jodi burn her Christmas candle in the house. Murphy and Jodi’s kids aren’t too... Read More.

LISTEN: Sam Makes Jodi’s Ice Cream

Sam made Jodi’s homemade ice cream, BUT, there’s one problem. Want to hear more? At 17:10 in the show podcast below, we play Lyin’ or Fryin’: a game of dough-ception and half-baked truth.


Sam feels that he’s been spending too much time with Murphy and Jodi,….and needs to find other friends.   Want to hear more? When you follow the podcast on