Is Murphy dangerous? Jodi thinks so.    Want to hear more? Murphy doesn’t know how to handle this leadership change at the house. Since it’s Lent now, we’ll have the full rundown on where to find a fish sandwich. What exactly is winter white?

AFTER THE SHOW: Not So Smart Home

Are Murphy & Sam going too far with their smart home obsession? Want to hear more? What’s the one thing that Alexa refuses to do for you? More of your teacher shout-outs along with the top 5 teacher gift cards if you really want to gift them on the way out of... Read More.

The Food Dude’s Not So Serious Book

Anthony Bourdain Remembered   When Anthony Bourdain died in June 2018, the outpouring of love from his fans around the world was momentous. The tributes spoke to his legacy: That the world is much smaller than we imagine and people... Read More.


Who gave Murphy a surprise, heartfelt apology – and WHY??  Want to hear more? What are your new teen driving rules? Sam might have to stay out of home improvement stores forever now. Murphy is doing something crazy with his batmobile. When you follow the podcast on... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Why so secretive, Santa?

Who doesn’t understand Secret Santa?!   Want to hear more? Bonus gift a day idea for any kid on your list Keep those favorite Christmas movies coming! Let us know what we’re leaving out or what you think we just don’t hear enough about. Sam’s son Parker only wants one thing for Christmas this... Read More.