Looking Tired Trick / The Melodica / Anniversary

Makeup tip from Murphy Jodi’s daughter, Phoebe. Sam’s son, Parker picks up a unique instrument. Murphy and Jodi relive their 20th Anniversary. When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store, you get exclusive stuff you won’t hear on the show! (It’s FREE to subscribe) And while you’re at it…... Read More.

After the Show: Trick or Teen

How old is too old to Trick or Treat? The crew weighs in. Want to hear more? More of your real life ghost stories Last minute costume ideas in case you haven’t even thought about it yet. Sam’s got Halloween jokes for you all morning... Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Trick or Teach?

Why Jodi thinks Halloween is a GREAT teaching holiday – for TEENAGERS. Want to hear more?   Some of the most creative costumes kids are already making for Halloween Why Sam almost had to disown one of his kids after a major rock and... Read More.