AFTER THE SHOW: Little Girls Grow Up

Sam is having a hard time with something his daughter Maddie did this weekend.    Want to hear more? A school nurse will let us know what’s the number one reason for a kid to come see her. In music news, Sam’s going to tell you... Read More.

Kicked Up Goldfish

1 large box flavor blasted Goldfish crackers 1/2 pkg. dry ranch dip mix 1 tbs. crushed red pepper 1/2 cup canola oil Mix oil, ranch mix and pepper in large bowl. Pour in the crackers and begin carefully and lightly stirring with hands (being careful not to break crackers) until all crackers are... Read More.


Mick Jagger is having heart surgery, and we need a minute. Want to hear more? Will Murphy ever forgive Jodi for selling his grandmother’s chairs? The things children remember the most from childhood: what you need to know now if you’re currently raising one. The career option that teens need to stop overlooking. When... Read More.